Back-Office Consultancy

Back-Office Consultancy

Your project objectives realised

Whether it’s implementing a technology platform or training and managing internal teams to up-skill and ensure project alignment, we make it our mission to understand your objectives completely, review your processes and support your strategic ambitions.


How We Help


We support clients to maximise their efficiency on two world-class pay and bill platforms, Evertime and InTime.

  • Walking through your business process to ensure clarity of your workflow requirements
  • Working with your CRM providers and your sales team leaders to ensure purpose-built integration to meet your objectives and maximise data transfer efficiency
  • Managing the project with all stakeholders to ensure it’s delivered on time and on budget
  • Freeing up your in-house back-office team by resourcing the parallel testing so it’s comprehensive
  • Ensuring documented sign-off of required outcomes and objectives.
Back-Office Consultancy

We not only replace your back office, we engage with your front office and guide you through the technology, people and processes with ongoing consultancy support and continuous improvement programmes.

Building Solutions

Some of the challenges we have overcome for our clients:

  • Inshore a payroll for a large listed recruitment business from Ireland back to the UK and helped them implement the system and trained the in-house team
  • Helped a leading recruitment business in the marine sector digitise their entire workflow from CRM to accounting and remove all manual intervention especially around invoicing
  • Helped a growing recruitment in oil & gas transition from an accounting provider to our back office platform saving them 30% in back office costs and automating their pay and bill cycle
  • Helped a recruitment investment group standardise and centralise their back office
Back-Office Consultancy

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