Hospitality agency, North East

“We have been with Easypay since day one and we have chosen to stay with them despite frequent approaches from other funders and back office providers. They were extremely supportive in the early stages of setting up, and always still there if we ever need any advice or assistance.

We have found them to be extremely helpful, honest and flexible. They employ lovely staff with a really friendly and professional approach.”

Managing Director, Hospitality recruitment agency    

(They) are very trustworthy, which is the most important thing you can have when dealing with the sums of money and payroll required.

– Managing Director, Hospitality recruitment agency    


Medical agency, North West

“Switching funding partners is a daunting proposition however after speaking with a number of companies we chose Easypay Services who dealt with our transition admirably. The issues that inevitably arose were dealt with quickly and professionally which enabled us to have no break in service for our clients or candidates.

I cannot recommend Easypay Services highly enough.”

– Director, Medical recruitment agency

More testimonials

IT agency, London

“I have had the privilege of working with Easypay for a number of years now and I have found them to be professional, personable and very attentive.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending the team as a fantastic partner.”

– Director, IT recruitment agency

Driving agency, South West

“The team at Easypay are second to none, hence the reason we sign a new contract with them each year! Any request is dealt with promptly, whether it be client or candidate-related. We may get a slightly cheaper management fee elsewhere but we know we would lose the personal touch and the efficiency that we like & require!

Highly recommended, especially for anyone just starting out!”

– Managing Director, Driving recruitment agency

Construction agency, South East

“We joined Easypay after four years with another funder and they helped us to recover from a difficult time for the company following the first Covid lockdown. Their understanding of risk and willingness to work with us has been beyond our expectations.

With Easypay we have found that the answer is never just ‘no’ but how can we find a solution together. We have developed a really good understanding of how each other work now and we feel involved in the decision making. The level of support and communication throughout the company has been excellent.

The decision to work with Easypay has paid dividends for us.”

– Director, Construction recruitment agency

Industrial recruitment and training agency, North East

“We contacted Easypay after been recommended by a friend whom is also a customer. As we were looking for a company to help us set up our recruitment business in a hurry and they were more than happy to help and extremely accommodating. We were assigned our own Account Manager who we found was very helpful and explained the whole process in detail, very professional and highly knowledgable. Always happy to help in any situation large or small. As a new business, we needed a little hand-holding to make sure the clients we were going to be using were compliant also we were following all HMRC guidelines.

We find all the staff at Easypay very friendly, helpful and supportive.

I would highly recommend them to any new business looking for a payroll and funding company.”

– Recruitment Director, Industrial recruitement and training agency

Engineering agency, Yorkshire

“I would thoroughly recommend Easypay to any experienced recruiter ready to set up their own recruitment business. It is not just about funding and payroll but all the other support you don’t realise that you need.

Easypay have been very supportive of my aspirations and always willing to give advice. This extends to speaking to the directors for key guidance at short notice.”

Everyone is helpful, and they work with me as part of my team, not a different entity. I have found them very accommodating with different clients’ needs and always willing to resolve any issues I have as quickly as possible.”

– Managing Director, Engineering reruitment agency