Back-office systems & the integration challenge

6 December 2022

Yves Bizimana - MD, Workwell Outsourcing

Yves Bizimana

MD, Workwell Outsourcing

For most businesses but particularly recruitment, technology and software are the nervous systems that make everything possible.

Integrate and synchronise back-office technology, and you can end up with an efficient and effective network that drives a business forward. But it rarely happens that way.

It’s far more common for businesses to adopt independent systems at different times and for different functions which leads to various strands being connected by temporary fixes or make-do’s that often consume more time and resources than the problem they were supposed to fix.

In many cases, applicant tracking systems (ATS), customer relationship management systems (CRM) and finance systems do not integrate, causing a significant impact on efficiency and productivity.

Problems caused by a lack of integration

There are, of course, a host of providers in the marketplace who will tell you that their systems can do it all.

However, technology is complex and expensive, and a one-size-fits-all system will rarely meet all of the requirements of an organisation. In some cases, businesses will need more functionality; in others, parts of the system are unwanted or unused.

In recruitment, the functionality of an ATS might not meet the needs of a Finance Director, or a CRM might be too onerous for a consultant.

Whatever the issue, disconnected systems are a breeding ground for problems. In recruitment fragmented systems are one of the most common causes of frustration leaving management teams struggling to get consistent and accurate data about performance, productivity and profitability.

These frustrations create a demand for fixes and workarounds, many of which result in additional workload and touchpoints, increasing the need for manual intervention and the possibility of error.

Subsequently, managers must spend more time managing processes, verifying data and reports, and rectifying errors.  It can also lead to breakdowns in communications with clients, jeopardising business development activities and long-term client relationships.

These issues have knock-on effects that demand time, resources and management. They are often unnecessary problems that demand unnecessary management and eat into an organisation’s effectiveness, efficiency and success.

Achieving integration

A lack of systems integration is a problem that often gets worse before it gets better. Fixes and workarounds can often cause more unforeseen problems. The resulting mass of patches, processes, spreadsheets and forms make for an overly complex and ambiguous structure that undermines confidence and hinders effective control.

At Workwell Outsourcing, we’re helping recruitment business leaders to address this challenge with tailored solutions that include consultation, advice, training, software and systems integration.

Back Office Outsourcing

Outsourcing some or all of your back-office operations can be a game-changer for businesses, especially those experiencing significant growth.

The increasing demands and complexities of a back office in a growing business can put excessive pressure on the people, processes and systems required. Alleviating the pressure and meeting these demands can seem daunting and expensive but will only intensify over time.

Inevitably, these problems will impact the business’s ambitions, growth and success.

With its robust, world-class technology, our bespoke outsourced back-office service can provide a functional, professional, cost-effective solution to your operational headaches.

Project Consultancy

If you want to maintain your back office operation but make it more efficient or effective, we can work with you to make improvements.

Our project consultancy service is geared towards understanding your requirements and issues and re-engineering your processes and systems to meet your current and future needs.

Whether upskilling your team, reviewing your system capability or refining your operational processes, we’ll support you with our back-office knowledge and expertise to generate the efficiencies, adjustments and improvements you need to sustain your business.

Market leading technology

Our world-class technology platforms can integrate and align with your working processes, ensuring that they meet your specific business needs.

From CRM to pay and bill software, our focus on right-first-time, one-truth functionality promotes improved data accuracy and transparency, giving greater visibility and control, reducing the scope for error, saving management time and resources taken up by problem resolution.

Our extensive technology expertise and platforms can quickly and simply transform your business. Using automation and experience to provide a tailored system that integrates with your existing software, our suite of platforms, including Evertime (pay and bill) and CentricFlow (CRM), provide a comprehensive range of choices to suit your business needs.

For more information on how Workwell Outsourcing can help you get the most from your back-office technology and systems, please get in touch.

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Back-office systems & the integration challenge

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