Recruitment CRM

Expert Recruitment CRM

CentricFlow CRM

Complete CRM Integration

Our CentricFlow CRM allows us to offer a fully integrated solution of a recruitment CRM and Pay & Bill platform to our agency clients.

It means you get two systems purpose developed for complete functionality whilst benefiting from the efficiency advantages of an integrated system.

EverTime Pay & Bill

Transform Your Back Office

Our proprietary Evertime Pay and Bill platform is fully integrated with a number of CRMs including Bullhorn, Firefish, Matchmaker, RDB, and our very own CentricFlow.

EverTime is complete, compliant, end-to-end, contractor timesheet, pay & bill software, that delivers every time and powers your business growth.

Partnering for Growth

Combining innovative technology with in-depth experience, we aspire to deliver service excellence in a way that meets a recruitment agency’s modern-day needs, no matter its size or industry.

Recruitment Startups
New agencies tend to need lots of support at the outset and we offer more advice and help at this stage.

Established Growing Companies
As your company grows, the inevitable ups and downs of business life means you usually need something beyond just transactional delivery.

Our approach is personal and collaborative and our senior managers and directors are accessible and proactively involved.

Recruitment CRM

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Recruitment CRM

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