Case Study – EllisKnight International Recruitment

Highlighting the importance of a good payroll system.


“The on-boarding process was so smooth! We felt that we could just pick up the phone or send an email to our account manager if we had any questions at all.”

Communication is crucial for a good payroll system to be effective and this is one of the major issues EllisKnight previously had when dealing with their former payroll providers.

“Our experience with our former payroll providers was not good at all! We had no control over anything which was frustrating for us, our clients and our candidates. If there was a query on a timesheet, it would be difficult to get answers or any solutions without it taking hours.”

EllisKnight recruits for various industries and covers most of the UK, they rely on a good payroll process as they payroll on average around 15 temps every week. Since using Workwell, the time spent on processing payroll has halved! They found the system much easier to use which means they have fewer timesheet and holiday queries from clients and candidates.

“When comparing (Workwell) to previous experiences, we could not believe how easy it was to make the change to Evertime. Our account manager is amazing and supports us with everything we need.”

Emma Ruttle, EllisKnight office manager talked about her experience: “The system is great and very user-friendly. I now spend half the time I used to processing payroll, which means I can now take on more responsibilities at EllisKnight, including sustainability projects, which is really important to us. We have recommended Evertime to other organisations in the past and will continue to do so!”