Case Study – Gray Recruitment Limited

Delivering huge efficiencies in payroll


“It only takes 20 minutes of input from me a week and it means I don’t need to invest in an in-house payroll manager.”

As a new start-up recruiter, Ray Gray needed a complete solution for his recruitment agency, Gray Recruitment Ltd. With a small number of temporary workers on assignment in his local area, Ray needed a payroll solution that was achievable for him financially as a start-up recruitment agency.

With limited understanding of the intricacies of payroll, Ray knew that he needed support from an expert provider and liked the complete solution we offer, which is run using our game-changing back office solution, Evertime.

Within his first few months in business, Ray is already seeing huge efficiencies with his payroll:

“It only takes 20 minutes of input from me a week and it’s means I don’t need to invest in an in-house payroll manager. All I have to do is manage the timesheets online and send them for authorization by the client, which is done at the touch of a few buttons.

If I did the payroll myself, my entire Monday would be taken up making sure I’d got everything right. I’d then need to send out the invoices and deliver the candidate timesheets, which are luckily all personalized in Evertime.”

The ability to scale using our capability is important for an ambitious start up like Gray Recruitment and the dynamic pricing model means that the payroll costs for each temporary worker are reduced the more that go out on assignments.

“I needed a system that wouldn’t cause me any issues and would pay everybody correctly, with the correct deductions for tax, NI and holiday pay. Evertime even links with the candidate’s pension contribution, which is another bonus. There is a clear audit record and all details are held securely in the cloud.”

“I love that Evertime tells me about the performance of my recruitment agency. I can use the margin report to look at performance week by week, which is incredibly helpful.

“Overall, I know I’ve made a great investment with (Workwell) and the support I have received from our account manager has been second to none – it’s rare to get that level of customer service and support when implementing a new process and system in a business.”