Case Study – Maximus Solutions

Partnering with Maximums Solutions to Make Start-up Growth a Reality

As a first-year startup, Maximus Solutions  has already made quite the impact in specialist construction recruitment.

At the helm is Frank Ashbee, a seasoned MD with almost 25 years’ industry experience. But with his new venture, Frank was very clear about taking a more sustainable approach to business.

Maximus delivers recruitment solutions to main and subcontractors of all sizes – whether they need a plumber or a senior site manager. Their ambition? To establish a team-led business with multiple locations, building close partnerships with clients and aligning with their long-term needs.

To get there, Frank sought a partner who could do the same for him, and help launch Maximus Solutions off the ground and beyond.

Trusted partnership needed

A reputable, reliable finance and back-office provider was a must. The organisation was well aware of others that had failed under the weight of extortionate fees and poor support – and Frank is experienced enough to know that building a business from scratch is never plain sailing, especially in the early stages.

He knew that to be successful, he needed a partner he could trust and who operated as an extension of his team. So he called upon a business that was fundamental in helping his previous company grow: Easypay Services Ltd – now Workwell Outsourcing. Of course, Frank required more than he had from previous providers he’d worked with – and we had a lot more to offer the second time around.

We were more than happy to help Frank on his new journey and jumped right in with 100% recruitment finance and dedicated support.

Going further than finance

The solution worked from the outset, funding payroll and margin, raising invoices, chasing outstanding invoices, and keeping their cash flowing. We also set out to ensure Maximus could operate in a safe and protected environment. This meant setting them up with appropriate-fit credit insurance and bad-debt protection and restricting trade on bad companies to eliminate risk.

It was important that Frank didn’t just receive textbook services. We knew he wanted us on board with his leadership team, and we made sure he could call upon us to help him make informed executive decisions when he needed it most. Providing solutions comes naturally to Workwell, and is all linked with our clients’ growth.

Future in focus

After a great first year, Maximus Solutions is working towards 100% growth in year two and is in a position to make new hires. They want to expand their operations from London and the south east, and have visions for a £10 million turnover within the next three years.

With Workwell’s support and advice, Frank has the freedom to look ahead and guide Maximus towards becoming a major player in UK construction recruitment. We look forward to helping them as they continue to grow while adapting our fees to make sure we’re offering a fair price.

“I look at Shelagh and Workwell’s leadership not just as financing the company, but almost as part of the executive board too. They’re key to our growth, and I enjoy working closely with the team – I know they’re fully behind us with where we’re going.”

– Frank Ashbee, Managing Director of Maximus Solutions Ltd.