Case Study – Vincent Gurney

How our pay & bill solution resulted in more control for the owners of this successful business


With over 15 years of combined experience, Vincent Gurney is one of the most well-known recruitment teams in their specialist industries. Founded by Tom Vincent and Johnie Gurney, their growing team of recruitment experts help and advise clients with their Engineering and Construction Recruitment needs.⠀

The agency started using our Pay & Bill in January 2021, when they changed back office, and needed a tool that would enable a smooth and easy payroll process.

Tom says, “(Workwell) were so helpful, as they taught us how the tool worked. This meant we could self-diagnose any issues that went wrong. It was very straightforward, and the process was easy and simple.”

Using our Pay & Bill has saved Tom and Johnie a lot of time when it comes to checking the invoices. “Before the invoices are sent out, they’re sent over to myself, to make sure there are no mistakes. We do internal check sheets and the whole portal is very easy to navigate, to generate quick reports. Anything that’s keyed in, like manual timesheets, are double-checked, which saves us a lot of time.”

Their processes have been further streamlined now the candidates have their own portal where they can access their remittances. “Now the candidate can just log in and get their remits for the year, and do it all themselves.”

Pay & Bill has not only saved them time. For Tom and Johnie, the payroll process is less convoluted, and more efficient. “It’s made us feel like we have more control over the business, which is great. It also means we can be more hands-on with the payroll.”