Eden Group is Rebranding to Workwell Outsourcing

28 September 2023

Workwell acquired Eden Group in December 2021. Since then, Eden has received significant investment and now forms a key part of the holistic suite of contingent workforce management solutions offered by Workwell.  Now, Eden Group is being rebranded and will, from 2nd October 2023, be amalgamated into Workwell Outsourcing, our specialist outsourced services division.

We believe this will offer clarity and better service ongoing as the consolidation of our brands gives greater access to our continually evolving range of products and services. It means we can tailor the right solution to meet the exact needs of our clients and continue to do so as their businesses change.

While the name Eden Group will be replaced by Workwell Outsourcing, the name of our pay & bill platform, Evertime, will remain. There are a number of improvements to Evertime which have been made in recent months:

  • Recruited more developers and taken a more robust approach to delivering a roadmap of enhanced functionality and features.
  • More recruitment CRM integrations including our own CRM platform, CentricFlow. Speak to our team to find out whether we integrate with your CRM or to get a demo.
  • Integrations with Early Wage Access platform for our agency clients’ candidates to be able to draw down funds on demand as soon as a timesheet is approved
  • Dashboard reporting for grouped companies which enables you to get a clearer picture of what’s happening across your entire group of businesses


In addition to investments in Evertime, we have also implemented a number of initiatives to improve our overall service, including:

  • More operational staff and our staff wellbeing programme to look after our people. We believe our positive, supportive culture directly impacts the quality of service we deliver to our clients.
  • New offices so that our staff have a first-class working environment and good space for client meetings

Of course, there are a number of additional changes in the pipeline.

Clients can rest assured that the rebrand should have minimal impact on your business: you’ll be looked after by the same dedicated, expert team you have now. Our telephone numbers remain the same and the suffix of our email addresses will change to workwelloutsourcing.com. If you accidentally use a former Eden Group email address, your email will still get through.

About Workwell & Workwell Outsourcing

Workwell is one of the UK’s largest providers of workforce management solutions, serving hundreds of recruitment businesses in the UK and some 40,000 workers worldwide. Our aim is to help businesses in the UK and overseas to more easily and compliantly benefit from flexible workforces. Our services for recruiters are designed to take away the risk, hassle, and complexity of contingent labour supply.

Eden Group has been amalgamated into our Workwell Outsourcing division which provides tailored support to help recruitment agencies of all sizes to grow and thrive. Supported by a team that understands the nuances of the recruitment sector, Workwell Outsourcing’s services include 100% funding with back-office, back-office only, bolt-on services like compliance, credit control and accounting services etc.


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Eden Group is Rebranding to Workwell Outsourcing

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Eden Group is Rebranding to Workwell Outsourcing

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