Is Your Back Office Efficient & Scalable?

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Is your back office process efficient and scalable?

Is there a better solution? Watch our webinar recording to find out.

Many recruitment businesses persist with the wrong back-office arrangement for longer than they need. This is because they don’t have time to review other options. In just 20 minutes, we will discuss

  • In-house vs outsourced back-office
  • The available outsourcing options
  • Review 3 case studies of recruitment agencies that have changed their back-office solution and the impact this has had


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Your Hosts

Is Your Back Office Efficient & Scalable?

Hannah Mollison
Sales Director

Hannah has worked with recruitment companies for nearly a decade, advising businesses on scaling up and streamlining via technology and consolidating their back-office.


She works collaboratively and consults with businesses to ensure they are more profitable.

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Is Your Back Office Efficient & Scalable?

Dan Benson
Account Manager

Dan has worked in the industry for 9 years, consulting new start-ups and established recruitment agencies to support them with funding, payroll and back-office solutions.


Having a full service review with agencies, Dan undertakes transformational projects to ensure scalability without restriction or worry.

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