Recruitment Finance
& Back-Office Solutions

Best in class solutions for recruitment agencies that help you start or scale your business. We provide the services or the technology ecosystem that you need to prosper.

  • 100% Recruitment Finance
  • Recruitment Back office Solutions
  • Pay & Bill Services
  • Payroll Bureau
  • Evertime Pay & Bill Software
  • CentricFlow Recruitment CRM

Invoice financing solutions for recruitment agencies


Complete Funding

Recruitment Finance With Back-Office Support

Fully integrated, comprehensive suite of services to help you fund your startup or grow your recruitment business, with 100% invoice financing and bad debt protection.

  • 100% invoice financing
  • Full bad debt protection
  • Your margin paid up-front and on a weekly basis
  • Recruitment CRM with an integrated pay & bill
  • No set-up fees
  • Funding in 17 currencies
  • We can pay contractors in 170 countries
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Ad-hoc Invoice Funding Solution

On-demand finance access for your ad-hoc funding requirements. The perfect solution for trialling a new recruitment project on a placement-by-placement basis.

  • 100% invoice financing on a contract-by-contract basis
  • Full bad debt protection
  • Your margin paid when your client pays
  • Quick & easy setup with no additional fees
  • Funding in 17 currencies
  • We can pay contractors in 170 countries
  • No personal guarantees are required
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Our Dedicated Back-Office Solutions


Complete Back-Office

A suite of back-office solutions for Growing Recruitment Agencies

Comprehensive service designed to meet your growing business’ needs & save you unnecessary rising costs.


Pay & Bill SaaS

The most flexible & effective, outsourced Pay & Bill services available

Game-changing, recruitment Pay & bill software with CRM integration, to power your business growth.


Outsourced Pay & Bill

The most flexible & effective, outsourced Pay & Bill services available

Our expert, friendly team payrolls over 18,000 workers every month for recruitment businesses of all sizes.

Partnering for Growth

Combining innovative technology with in-depth experience, we aspire to deliver service excellence in a way that meets a recruitment agency’s modern-day needs, no matter its size or industry.

Recruitment Startups
New agencies tend to need lots of support at the outset and we offer more advice and help at this stage.

Established Growing Companies
As your company grows, the inevitable ups and downs of business life means you usually need something beyond just transactional delivery.

Our approach is personal and collaborative and our senior managers and directors are accessible and proactively involved.


What our customers say

Shane Whittaker

MD, B&W Recruitment Ltd

The team are second-to-none, hence the reason we sign a new contract with them each year! Any request is dealt with promptly, whether it be client or candidate-related.
We may get a slightly cheaper management fee elsewhere but we know we would lose the personal touch and the efficiency that we like & require.

Highly recommended, especially for anyone just starting out.!

Dean Adkins

MD, Adkins & Cheurfi Recruitment Ltd

We have been with Workwell since day one and we have chosen to stay with them despite frequent approaches from other funders and back office providers.
They were extremely supportive in the early stages of setting up, and always still there if we ever need any advice or assistance. We have found them to be extremely helpful, honest and flexible.
They employ lovely staff with a really freindly and professional approach.

They are very trustworthy which is the most important thing you can have when dealing with the sums of money and payroll required.

Kerry Boden

Recruitment Director, Impact Training & Employment

Extremely accommodating. We were assigned our own Account Manager who we found was very helpful and explained the whole process in detail, very professional and highly knowledgeable. Always happy to help in any situation.
As a new business we needed a little hand-holding to make sure we were following all HMRC guidelines. We find all staff very friendly, helpful and supportive.

I would highly recommend them to any new business looking for a payroll and funding company.

Blackrock Medical Recruitment Ltd

Mark Swinnerton, MD

Switching funding partners is a daunting proposition. However, after speaking with a number of companies, Workwell dealt with our transition admirably.
The issues that inevitably arose were detal with quickly and professionally which enables us to have no break in service for our clients or candidates.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

RTL Group

Adam Caird, Director

Workwell's understanding of risk and willingness to work with us has been beyond our expectations. The level of support and communication throughout the company has been excellent.

The decision to work with Workwell has paid dividends for us.

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