Join Our Webinar: Is Your Back-Office Efficient & Scalable?

8 May 2024

Is your back office process efficient and scalable? Is there a better solution? Could you reduce your operational costs?

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Join us on Wednesday, June 12th 2024 – 10am to 10.30am.

Many recruitment businesses outgrow their back-office processes and persist with the wrong arrangement for longer than they should.  This can limit efficiency and growth and, in turn, cost you more. Scaling your back-office in-house by hiring more people and increasing overheads is expensive and brings other challenges. Could there be a better solution?

In just 20 minutes, we will discuss:

  • In-house vs outsourced back office.
  • The available outsourcing options.
  • Review 3 case studies of recruitment agencies that have changed their back office solution and the impact this had on their businesses.


Your hosts

Hannah Mollison


Hannah Mollison, Sales Director, Workwell Outsourcing

Hannah has worked with recruitment companies for nearly a decade, advising businesses on scaling up and streamlining via technology and consolidating their back-office. She works collaboratively and consults with businesses to ensure they are more profitable.




Dan Benson


Dan Benson, Business Development Manager

Dan has worked in the industry for 9 years, consulting new start-ups and established recruitment agencies to support them with funding, payroll and back-office solutions. Having a full service review with agencies, Dan undertakes transformational projects to ensure scalability without restriction or worry.




Thinking about getting help with your back-office?

We recently wrote a blog exploring question: Is outsourcing your back office a good idea, or does it compromise the business?

When you’re growing a recruitment agency there comes a time when your back office needs to become more robust. You have the option to hire more experienced staff to conduct the back office functions, or you can hire a specialist provider, like Workwell Outsourcing.

Outsourcing your back office means you can buy the services you need, at the fee level that’s right for your business, without the people management and headcount headaches.  However, we find there are a number of concerns when it comes to deciding whether to outsource or not. And each of these reasons centres around the fear that outsourcing may compromise the business in some way.

  • Quality: can an outsourced team be as good as in-house staff?
  • Security: how can data be properly managed?
  • Accuracy: Data transition can be an issue where it relies on manual entry
  • Loss of Control – the feeling that you control the service better if it is managed internally


Ready to think differently about whether there’s a better way to manage your back office? Sign up to our webinar today.

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Join Our Webinar: Is Your Back-Office Efficient & Scalable?

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Join Our Webinar: Is Your Back-Office Efficient & Scalable?

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Join Our Webinar: Is Your Back-Office Efficient & Scalable?

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