Coming Soon: Boost Your Offering With On-Demand Pay

24 April 2024

On-Demand Pay is a new service from Workwell Outsourcing that enables recruitment agencies to give Umbrella and PAYE workers instant access to their earned pay – before their actual payday.

Available soon, we are leading the way with this new service for agency workers.

It’s just one of the great reasons for your recruitment businesses to choose Workwell as your partner for Umbrella and a range of growth-boosting back office and pay & bill services.

On-Demand Pay is designed to help your recruitment business attract and retain the best talent. Offering services above and beyond the norm will help you to get more placements filled, faster and by the best candidates.

By offering On-Demand Pay, workers can access their earnings as and when they need the money, bringing their income in line with spending. It means workers can access their earnings without debt or interest. It will be available to anyone at any time and for any amount and costs a small flat fee per withdrawal.

It’s a service that closes the gap between work and pay and means overtime can be rewarded instantly. It benefits your recruitment business in lots of ways, but particularly in that it increases the demand for extra shifts at the same hourly rate.

On-Demand Pay is made available to your hires through Evertime, our advanced end-to-end pay & bill platform. This means you will be able to process On-Demand Pay at the touch of a button, with no administrative or payroll headaches.

  • Offer your Umbrella and PAYE workers instant access to their earned pay
  • Give your hires a debt-free solution to unexpected expenses
  • Helps attract and keep the best people to roles
  • Demonstrate good Corporate Social Responsibility to your clients


Most workers prefer on-demand pay and more than 50% would rather be paid on-demand than have extra paid holidays. Our service gives workers more control over their pay.

15% of UK employers already offer on-demand pay. The businesses using on-demand pay have 50% lower staff turnover and 62% have fewer unfilled shifts. There is 13% lower absenteeism.

Get in touch to register your interest in On-Demand Pay from Workwell Outsourcing or to find out about our wide range of solutions that will support your recruitment business to grow and thrive.

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Coming Soon: Boost Your Offering With On-Demand Pay

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Coming Soon: Boost Your Offering With On-Demand Pay

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Coming Soon: Boost Your Offering With On-Demand Pay

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