Multi-National & Global Payments

Multi-National & Global Payments

Engage & pay workers compliantly – anywhere in the world

Modern business demands an agile workforce

We enable global & multi-national organisations to tap into the power of flexible talent by taking care of permanent worker engagement in 47 countries and contingent worker engagement in more than 80 countries.

With tax and employment laws differing from country to country, hiring contingent workers overseas is fraught with risk.

As the UK’s leading supplier of global contingent workforce management solutions, we can help ensure your organisation has the right people in place at the right time whilst taking care of the nuances of tax and employment risk in each individual territory.



  • Mitigate risk: We remove or mitigate your global workforce engagement risk, ensuring compliance in every country, with every worker.
  • Simplify: We provide a transparent & compliant supply chain instead of a myriad of suppliers you don’t know and can’t audit.
  • Ongoing support: We provide the ongoing support you need to maintain compliance.

Removing Complexity

Our complete suite of contingent workforce management solutions removes complexity & risk at every turn.

How we Help

Whether you are hiring workers to operate in their home country or taking on foreign nationals to work in another country, we unravel the complexity and provide transparent, auditable, compliant workforce management solutions tailored to your needs.

Engage and pay contingent workers anywhere in the world, safe in the knowledge that you are complying with local tax regulations & employment legislation.


  • Everything you need to make compliant payments to your global workforce
  • Full suite of global Employer of Record & Agent of Record services
  • Mitigate or remove your labour supply chain risk
  • Ensure your organisation can attract and retain the skills of contingent workers
  • Tailored support to ensure accurate payments, correct taxation & supply chain compliance
Multi-National & Global Payments
Compliant Approach

We work with you to assess risk, audit your approach & address any risks to ensure you can operate compliantly in every territory and with every individual worker.


We take care of compliant onboarding for each individual worker, ensuring the appropriate arrangements for tax and legal documentation is correct in every territory.


We can employ or engage permanent and contingent workers on your behalf, removing your responsibility for tax and employment compliance.

Our Solutions

We provide all the support your business needs.

Compliance Management

Hiring permanent or contingent workers in a foreign country can lead to any number of unforeseen problems, not least where compliance is concerned.  Without expert help, it can be all too easy to make mistakes with tax, social security & immigration laws.

This is why we provide fully compliant solutions wherever you wish to operate.  We appreciate the importance of working with a provider that has the expertise & knowledge you need for complete compliance assurance.  We have both global reach and local knowledge to ensure all your needs are met, working collaboratively with you and your team.

Engagement Structure

Our solutions are based on local legislation in the country of operation.

Before finalising a solution in any country, we always carry out comprehensive research to understand local legislation, licensing requirements, available employment structures & all other country-specific issues.

Compliance is our top priority which means we do not operate any loopholes or ‘grey’ areas – we pride ourselves on being refreshingly transparent with contractors and clients – no hidden surprises!

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