Workwell™ International – An Introduction

Workwell™ International – An Introduction

Aug 08, 2022

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Earlier this year we announced the addition of 6CATS International to the Workwell™ group.

Whilst well-known amongst international contractors, as a new part of the Workwell organisation we thought it may be useful to explain our international services for contractors and recruitment businesses alike.

About 6CATS International

6CATS provides compliant payment solutions to more than 2,000 contractors, working through more than 300 agencies, in over 80 countries across the world.  This includes the Middle East and Africa including countries such as Nigeria, Algeria and the UAE.

The company was originally part of the CXC Group but after an MBO in November 2016 it became 6CATS (Compliance Advice & Tax Solutions). The team has extensive expertise in compliantly engaging contract workers, taking out the stress and uncertainty for individuals working internationally, while also giving recruitment businesses the reassurance of being fully indemnified from any tax compliance liability.

The business is the partner of choice for contractors for whom complying with local laws and regulations is a priority. 6CATS takes care of everything, from setting up compliant tax structures and insurance cover, to submitting timesheets and getting paid on time. Our quality of service has seen us win the prestigious ‘Best International Contractor Provider’ accolade at the 2022 Contractor UK awards for the third year in a row.

Headed up by CEO, Michelle Reilly, a former winner of the Female Business Leader of the Year at the Telegraph Trade Awards, is a well-known figure in the recruitment and compliance worlds with 20+ years’ experience in contractor management. Along with 6CATS co-founders, she has built a team stocked with expertise in international tax and regulatory systems, the global contractor market, customer service and more.

Our USPs

We will fully indemnify recruitment businesses, protecting end users from any tax compliance liability, something which no other firm does.

But what makes us really stand out is our commitment to changing the attitude towards international tax compliance for recruiters.

Too many recruitment businesses are potentially exposed to risk by companies providing non-compliant and, since the introduction of the Criminal Finances Act, illegal solutions. We challenge this; it is our goal to educate and partner with recruitment firms to protect their businesses. We are passionate about the recruitment industry, which is the reason that 6CATS provides services exclusively to the sector.

6CATS recognises the importance of providing fully compliant, transparent and streamlined contractor solutions and provides clients with the highest levels of service whilst offering complete compliance assurance, taking the stress and uncertainty out of engaging contractor workers around the world and enabling recruiters to focus on their core business.

What services do we offer?

Our services include:

  • Dedicated contractor care consultants
  • Local tax compliance & invoicing
  • Insurance provision and contract administration
  • Legal/Employment compliance & immigration support
  • Solution development for staffing firms


6CATS also partners with William Russell, an independent provider for expat health, life and income protection insurance, to provide extra cover for contractors as international travel restrictions begin to ease.

Commitment to compliance

Contracting internationally is growing in popularity and demand, but compliantly working overseas as a contractor, or placing these professionals as a recruiter, presents a number of challenges. When you work with us, you can rest assured we provide fully compliant solutions, no matter where an individual is operating from, their country of origin or where they are tax resident.

The 6CATS team has both global reach and local knowledge so we can provide compliant, effective, contracting solutions anywhere in the world. For more information, please get in touch.

Visit 6CATS.






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Workwell™ International – An Introduction

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Workwell™ International – An Introduction

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